When you are looking for Local Web designer/developer to build your web site they always  offer you great SEO service lately.

Is the web designer a great Search Engine Optimization specialist?

These days the SEO services are separated from web design or web development as it is required to do only SEO optimization to be good at it.

The Search Engines requirements are changing every day, so what worked before doesn’t work today.

And before you hire somebody better check at ripoffreport for web designer Mike from Houston, TX.

I don’t want to be rude talking about him but I think you have to warned! He is a freelancer and promise me my web site will be ranked on the first page of Google. Yes, he made a great design as I wanted, but his SEO work didn’t reach the purpose.

Every SEO specialist needs to be up to date all the time. So if your web designer does Search Engine Optimization as a second job, he probably won’t be as good as the professional SEO specialist is.

And remember: If there isn’t any professional copywriter who only writes unique articles for you site which is the best Search Engine Optimization regarding the latest Google requirements, then you shouldn’t trust their promises.