Have you used GoDaddy services?

I want to make a complaint. When I reach their service it takes too much time on hold and they usually don’t solve my problem (if they understand what it is). Usually you have to write and call them many times before they start doing anything.

I heard some of my colleagues even want to make a rip off report. They complaint about slow process whatever they are doing. When we started migrating web sites it is “Oh, my God” situation.

This Daddy has brain damaging renewal domain process.

Also there is not enough security about account protections and your domain could be stolen as there was such service complaint. That is why they offer you to pay extra for protection plan.

And what about their deceptive practice when buy or renew a domain. It should be ripped off ! Their default period is from 2 to 5 years and if you just click next when you are in a hurry, your bill will be charged more.

If you are not satisfied comment here or post a rip off report  about their services as many others did.