Service rip off report

Ventura Web Design, Vegas complaint:

they didn’t build  (prepaid) web store for client and had been reported for this. Anyway this is a single rip off report from Vegas, NV  and may not be so reputation destroying for them. This company from Las Vegas, NV has no more unresolved complaints or rip off reports about their service. Here may be is a trusted company which works with clients all over the USA and builds their web stores.

I want to believe this service complaint is misunderstanding because of different people with different life experience. I want to believe every company that didn’t went right with it’s clients will change this social opinion.

Take care!

It happened in Las Vegas, Nevada. His name is Adamaly. Here is the complaint about his services: he is a freelancer who hadn’t finished his work. My friend wanted to have more than 20 pages web site, but he got only home page and no answer of his emails.

Unfortunately, there are such freelancers that make the web site designers’s reputation bad. Why they offer services like these?  They usually don’t meet clients needs, but they were already paid and get lost later….

That is why there are many complaints about local services, not only in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Be aware and carefully choose your web site designer!

If you have information about anyone services, please don’t hesitate to comment here! If you are happy or not with  someones job, post your opinion and experience here.

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