Some good news about Panda update

There are some good news about this scary update.

As the requirements for quality content are going higher, the need for better SEO specialist is going to appear. This means, the SEO industry continues developing. The best experts could teach and advice others.

As the update affected many sites, there is a need to improve PR and SEO strategy of on-site appearance.

Links from reputable site are getting more important than websites normally considered as a SPAM.

Going away from black-hat techniques as link farms and sources of web spam.



A kind of bear became a name of scary Google update making everybody feeling fear of it.

Google specialist are trying to improve the content quality on the web environment as changing searching algorithms. This affects most of the web sites. As the purpose is people to view only unique and quality content, there are sites that lost their positions even with great content because other sites stole it.

Fortunately, there are questions (provided by Google) you can answer about your site if you want it ranked better. For example :

Is this web site trusted enough to give them you credit card details?

Is the content written from an expert or not?

Are there any spelling or stylistic errors?

Would you recognize this site as an authoritative source when mentioned by name?

And others…

Panda update is going to affect every language, except Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

As there is more than one Panda update be ready to view a lot. Use the tips for making quality web site and pray for it!

:) ))