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Professional keyword mapping

If you had the chance to build a SEO strategy while creating a website or before that, you would appreciate the chance to make it in your way. If your client has a clear idea what he wants to rank for and give you an opportunity to make it as you intend, this will work for sure.

Starting with filling a list of keywords to target, you would continue whit collecting a content based on what people intend, general info about any kw topic, single or multiple keyword page focus. And voila!

You build a content.  Of course you could use already existing website to optimize it with a new strategy if the website owner agree with you (sometimes the man factor is harder problem then a technical one).

I look forward to read your comments!

Real time search on G+

Google + presents new feature of search results. Now results will show up at the moment they are posted.

When you start search for “example” on Google + , you will have the post post about it. If at same time there is submitted new post, you will see it too, without searching again or refreshing the page.

Once you click on the new post’s link all new posts will come in at real time. This is great for breaking news, sport events and others..

There are a lot of surveys of how social networks reflect on our behavior and psychology, telling us scaring fats.

*The most affected are children who often show more narcissistic tendencies as well as aggressive behavior. *Students who often check their friends on Facebook achieve lower grades.

*Young adults who spend a lot of time on social media sites increase drug and alcohol use.

*Social media users are many times more likely to use tobacco, alcohol and marijuana than people who do not use social networks.

Isn’t that embarrassing?

Why we use so much time to browse our “friend’s” photos and info. Don’t we lose our time? Don’t we feel unsuccessful while watching on all places visited, party times picture posted and everything exciting done by our ‘friends’.

Isn’t a word ‘friend’ changing its meaning? Does it mean a man who can trust and share everything with or a picture of some Facebook profile?

What about the children? Do they really make a difference between online activity and real life? Unfortunately, their behavior is getting more criminal.

What next?…