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New SSL implementation from Google

These days Google revealed they are working on secure search, the SSL search, using https:// protocol.

If you are signed in your Google account and make a search query in, your query won’t be accessed at Webmaster tools of people’s sites you are visiting.

But if you are signed out, your query will be viewed. Anyway if you are paying Google you will be able to view the referral information.

Alternative ways for collecting data are still Bing and Yahoo tools.

Web news

Welcome the 500 new improvements of Google search algorithms! By computing a lot of data and researching, Google engineers improve search engine algorithms all the time, providing people better quality of information on the web.

They continue to experiment with different speeds for how quickly they update the results while we type in Google Instant. We can use our personalized search and improve our own results of most searched topics.

Do you know what Google means? This is actually a number with a hundred zeros after it. It is a really big number! No wonder they called the search engine like this. It contains a large amount of world’s  information data.

Go Google it!

For all webmasters and SEO specialist there is new trend. We had used as many exact match words as possible in anchor texts but this could hurts the web site now. Partial match means any anchor text that contains at least one of our keyword phrases.

It seems that people rank higher when there are partial match. For example if your keyword phrase is ‘cleaning services’ it is better to use ‘We provide the best cleaning services at our area’ instead of ‘cleaning services’. When you have partial match there are a lot more phrases and long term value that is more likely to give you better looking link profile.

As Google is improving its algorithms and it is getting more intelligent we need to follow the new standards and make web sites for humans not for search engines.

There are a lot of surveys of how social networks reflect on our behavior and psychology, telling us scaring fats.

*The most affected are children who often show more narcissistic tendencies as well as aggressive behavior. *Students who often check their friends on Facebook achieve lower grades.

*Young adults who spend a lot of time on social media sites increase drug and alcohol use.

*Social media users are many times more likely to use tobacco, alcohol and marijuana than people who do not use social networks.

Isn’t that embarrassing?

Why we use so much time to browse our “friend’s” photos and info. Don’t we lose our time? Don’t we feel unsuccessful while watching on all places visited, party times picture posted and everything exciting done by our ‘friends’.

Isn’t a word ‘friend’ changing its meaning? Does it mean a man who can trust and share everything with or a picture of some Facebook profile?

What about the children? Do they really make a difference between online activity and real life? Unfortunately, their behavior is getting more criminal.

What next?…

Panoramio -  feature of Google letting you to join or create community based on your interests. So if you are passionate about wind surfing you just join to this community all over the world, or create a sub community. This is great way to share pictures and info about your topic, unless you spend too much time of your life surfing on the internet and sharing…

Twelloy 2.0 – with new focus on local search. Choose your category of personal interests and then localize your results of people’s profiles. Then get engage with particular consumers to share information and experience with them.

Competition between Social networks means improving their features and developing new products, but how far can they go? Is there any boundary of web possibilities? Are the ideas endless?

I think the day of their contraction together is coming soon. Lets see… :) )

Google +1 sharing and snippets

Google improved +1 features into option to share content to your Google + Circles. The function is pretty similar to ‘like’ button’s.  + 1 button still tells Google the content of the page is considered as useful and interesting. Now sharing with Google + is the easiest way to share content using social network.

How to do it:

Just click on +1 button and search for ‘Share on Google+’ new option. There you can comment, choose a circle and share.


Wen you share content on Google + you will notice they include information as link, image and description. These features are rolling out over the next week! Enjoy!

Click here for more info.